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Armitagecm23 01-26-2014 07:49 AM

Losing control
I have two gs and three cats. Unfortunately we have to keep the dogs gated in the kitchen because they constantly chase the cats. They are always jumping on us and visitors we come home from work or they visit. People don't like to be around our dogs because its no fun to be tackled by 100 lbs. We keep then crated during family holidays, which I'm sad about because i want then included. Also, they are always fighting. I thought it was the older female showing dominance but now it's the male who starts it most of the time. (Female is 2yo ava, male is 1yo zeik) Usually when we pet the female, he comes over to start a fight. Another thing i noticed is when we are standing in the kitchen, if we are in his walking path, he will just walk right into us and move us out of his way. Ive never seen it before. Very weird behavior. When we let them outside to play, they usually chase after each other and tackle each other in a playful manner or tug after the rope. Zeik will never let ava have toys. Especially inside. He **** near draws blood getting the toys away so now they cant have toys inside. I know we have been slacking on consistency but we are trying to get back into the swing of things. Any suggestions? And please no hateful comments. Asking for advice, not arguments

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mcdanfam 01-26-2014 08:37 AM

We practiced manners (on leash) when people entered the house. When guest come into eat or visit we out them on place and they have to remain there until the guest call them over. We purposely make that wait to happen, we have to do this every time. We have found the dogs are like toddlers, you skip once and they will take that as an invitation to loose all manners! That saying "give and inch, they take a mile" must have been created because of shepherds...;-)

The chasing of cats....I can't give suggestions. Ours do fine with the cats, when they were puppy's we taught them to ignore the cats and would say leave it, it they paid to much attention to them. Leave it-command has saved us a lot of hassle. I am sure someone here can give you advice on this issue.

As far as the toy issues and aggression with each other....they sound (in my opinion) excited at times when they fight for attention, bored and frustrated the other times. I am NO expert....and have only had ours pups for a year. But when Millie is really excited, all drives up....she will jump on miles. We sometimes leave the long line on so we can correct her if she get to excited. When she was injured a couple of weeks ago, she could not open her mouth and get the ball! She was so frustrated. She has tons if ball drive and the fact that she could chase it, but not pick it up....she would snarl and growl at miles but was unable to bite him. We avoided allowing them to play ball for the time she was injured after that because we did not want her frustration becoming acceptable behavior. Other times we have noticed them frustrated is when they are bored and trapped....rainy days leave us very trapped, we go out for potty but can't play games is downpours. They get very bored and frustrated just like kids do. We have to keep them engaged with games, indoor tracking and puzzles. Again....others on her may have better ideas about what is going on! I can only tell you what we as owners have faced...I am not an expert, just dog owner that notices how much like kids these dogs are...I kind of apply what I have learned with parenting to the breed. GOOD LUCK. I hope someone gives you helpful advice and you can all live together peacefully indoors together!

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doggiedad 01-26-2014 08:38 AM

you need to do some serious training and socializing.
when you have guest put the dogs away or use that
time to teach the dogs how to "meet and greet". after
the training session put the dogs away.

if my dog walked into me because he wanted me to
move out of his way i wouldn't move. i would make
my dog go around me. now on the other hand i
see some humor in it.

Dudes mom 01-26-2014 08:49 AM

I agree with Doggiedad, up the training asap. Enforce strict NILIF, there are a number of threads on this or you can google it if you aren't sure what it is. It sounds like your male is or has stepped into the leadership role and you need to get that back. has some articles on being a leader you might find helpful. I'm not great on posting links or I would find it for ya. Or someone will read your post later and can help you out with those.

Good luck to you and I hope you keep us updated!

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