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debzxs 01-06-2014 08:28 PM

Aggressive behavior on male puppy
I have a 4 month old GSD . he is aggressive when it comes to food and me touching him or the food . he growls has barked and bit me lightly. He started doing it on other things too like when I was trying to put away cables he was messing with. He does not act like that when I take his toys or treats. It is making me a little bit scared that he will one day bite me hard. He does not do it to my boyfriend , only towards me.What could be the problem and how can I fix it

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IllinoisNative 01-07-2014 12:15 AM

Did you have him since he was a puppy? Are you intentionally taking his food away (that can cause food guarding)? If you try to take their food away just to prove you can, the dog learns not to trust you.

I would start with hand feeding him. Then anytime my hand would come near the bowl would be to drop more food into it not take it away. I would also practice NILF. I did this with a four month old foster dog that I had who would growl when I went near his food. He was a Pit/Golden/Chow mix and it worked. But it takes time and patience. Until this dog, I had no idea a young dog could be like this. It was a learning experience to say the least as none of my own dogs guarded things from me.

I had all my own dogs at eight weeks and I would make them sit before I fed them. I didn't mess with their food while they were eating, I would drop more food into their bowls with my hands and hand feed them. I've never had a food guarding dog doing that.

debzxs 01-08-2014 08:24 PM

He is more than fine when i hand feed him. But he gets so protective when I'm even near him. I try not to take his food away I only do it when he bites me for touching it. Ive had him for 2 months now and he has been doing that for a month now. I try to just leave him alone and maybe he'll stop but he hasnt stopped. I really dont want him to be like that because I have a niece who is 2 years old and I dont want him to bite her or me when hes older

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MaggieRoseLee 01-08-2014 08:40 PM

You need to get the word 'protective' out of your vocabulary for a 4 m old puppy (who's been doing this for a month).

What is your breeder recommending? Are the other puppies from the litter behaving the same?

You been working on - - >
a few hours a day?

What makes a normal GSD puppy able to grow up to be a drug/bomb/police/therapy/herding/agility/obedience/whatever dog also makes them more of a challenge to raise.

There is a good reason most of us take the easy route and start up puppy classes early on with our pups.

This may seem a bit familiar

debzxs 01-08-2014 08:58 PM

I'm not sure how else to describe what he is doing with his food. He barks maliciously and bites hard when one touches his food.

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debzxs 01-08-2014 09:00 PM

I got him from the pet store on November he started the behavior after I took him to my boyfriends house who has a dog who is aggressive toward other animals .

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