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Amurphy26 01-02-2014 05:28 AM

Aggresive to black dogs?
I have a dog reactive 15mth GSD, I've posted about her before. I live in a very rural location and I am getting help from a behaviourist/trainer to try and get her through this. Her reaction, although it looks very aggressive has always been centred around fear and after she has met a dog she reverts to typical playful young dog. Recently she became incredibly aggressive to a black lab and had to be lifted off him twice (she was muzzled so no physical damage was done). I've never seen her like this before but we have noticed in the past her initial reactions to black dogs is always worse. My husband and I wrote down a list if all her positive and negative interactions with other dogs, all the negative came from black dogs. Is this just a coincidence or is she worse with black dogs because of past experiences?

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JeanKBBMMMAAN 01-02-2014 07:18 AM

Did the black dogs have any behavioral or energy similarities?

Like the lab - my GSD is very good at ignoring other dogs - she prefers a nice poodle over a larger dog :D but is never snappish. However, when a dog of energy, or a "close talker" comes up at her, a lip will go up in warning. That's when I make sure to step in and body block so she won't have to deal with it (because if they ignored her lip, she'd probably tolerate their attention).

Labs, Boxers, bully breeds all fall into her do not want list in general because of their energy and lack of boundaries. If any of those dogs ever can show appropriate (to her) behavior, she's fine with them - I had a lab mix foster who was very smart (probably mixed w/Border Collie) and she made a big deal of approaching nicely, and my GSD was okay with that.

So I would look at the energy and behavior first, see if you can find similarities on that list. Because all that being said, my GSD did not like chocolate labs for a while after one in our obedience class who would climb up our hind ends in healing exercises, and bit my finger trying to steal my dog's treat. For a couple of years, she'd see that color and be like "let's get out of here." She didn't want to wait around to see if it was that one, or if it was going to be polite, she just wanted to avoid.

Good luck!

Twyla 01-02-2014 08:23 AM

Woolf's least liked color in dogs is white. He doesn't like any dog, but manages to keep his head with most of them. Let a white dog come into the picture, best thing I can do for him is put him in a heel, and walk him out of the area. It is almost comical when that has to be done, his focus is on me, but he keeps trying to cut his eyes to the side to see the white dog. It is only the white dogs that he tries to cheat like that.

Amurphy26 01-02-2014 01:05 PM

The energy of the dogs from her bad experiences was not good ranging from crazy hyper to very bossy. The dog that chased her down and pinned her was a black GSD and that seems to have had a horrific effect on her. The black lab she pinned had a great energy level. Very laid back and non confrontational.

My gut tells me she does associate black dogs with previous experiences but I've had people tell me that's rubbish. It may be we just have to put more work in with black dogs.

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