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I am also thinking that the GSD is highly stressed if she is being kept alone in the basement while the others are allowed to be upstairs with the pack.

And on the occasions she does get to be upstairs, she wants to get rid of the Golden so she can rejoin her family.

How do you think it is working for you and the dogs, keeping them all? Are you happy with the atmosphere and the situation?
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Originally Posted by Zookeep View Post
Why are you allowing these dogs to be in the same room together? We are going through a very similar situation. We have the dogs completely separated. With crates and baby gates, we prevent them from ever coming in contact with one another. We are working with a trainer who comes to our home. Unless we are 100 percent sure the dogs can safely be together, they will remain separated. You are putting your 6 year old's safety at risk. Have you considered what might happen if your daughter gets caught between two fighting dogs?
These dogs have been in the same room together for the last 15 days with no issues. We have been crate training, separating them when needed, using leashes, and working on various commands with them. We have always been present when these dogs are in the same room together, especially with a 6 year old. They weren't left "alone". I was in the room, but I didn't see what happened in "dog language" between the two, but our 6 year old saw who started what, but she was in no way in any danger. We have been working with these two dogs for approximately 1 month and haven't had any problems until today. Yes, we have taken into consideration our child's safety and if I thought that she was at any risk of getting hurt, then things would be a lot different. I have been keeping the GS by my side while in the house with the other dogs. She has been fine until today.
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Originally Posted by Sunflowers View Post
I am also thinking that the GSD is highly stressed if she is being kept alone in the basement while the others are allowed to be upstairs with the pack.

And on the occasions she does get to be upstairs, she wants to get rid of the Golden so she can rejoin her family.

How do you think it is working for you and the dogs, keeping them all? Are you happy with the atmosphere and the situation?
The GS doesn't always stay in the basement. She is upstairs with us too and has been for the last 15 days all the time except for dinner time, which we did trying to keep aggressive behavior in check. Before working with the vet and behaviorist, we were keeping the GR in her crate while the GS was upstairs and would rotate them out of the crate during the day every couple of hours. Then at dinner and bedtime the GS would go downstairs. They have all done very well lately until tonight. I am not sure what happened. Like my husband said, it wasn't a bad fight or anything, but it was enough to get your heart rate up a little. I do hate it that we have to keep them all separate, but around here where we live shelters and rescues are not the best answer either. People around here have told me to shoot my GS and be done with it...that's not an option..
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No one here has said to shoot any dog. Each and every time you have a dog fight, the shepherd is becoming more and more comfortable with attacking the other female. In reality, you're allowing her to become more aggressive and more unstable because of the situation. At the same time, your poor pup on the receiving end is living in terror each and every day. Her stress must just be incredibly high. I'm sorry, but this is cruel. I'd be surprised if this pup doesn't end up dog aggressive. Can you see that your "love" for your dogs is harming them?? This is a situation that is creating two problem dogs... possibly for the rest of their lives. It's not fair to them. If you really want to do what's best, then you have GOT to re-home one of the two dogs. Also, your child IS in danger, whether you choose to see it or not. One of these days, your females are going to get into a fight and your child is going to get caught in the middle of it. I am seriously afraid for your child. I'm also afraid for your female pup. Sooner or later, that pup is going to end up needing serious medical attention or be killed.

I KNOW that you think it's best to keep all your dogs. I also know you believe that your child won't be hurt. You're not looking at this objectively. You have several people here all agreeing that your pup is in danger and is living in constant fear. This isn't healthy. It isn't a good life for this pup. I don't see it getting any better. You cannot keep her safe, because the attacks are still happening. You've got to get to a point (before she's seriously injured) of realizing that letting her go is the best thing you could ever do for her. THEN you've got to get control of your shepherd. Your GS is going to continue the attacks as long as the pup is in your home. I'd expect them to get worse with age. PLEASE realize that when dogs fight like this, they aren't acting normally. If a person happens to be in the way, they WILL get bit!! Your child is in danger with these two being in your home together. Our children have to be protected... even if it's from dogs we love. Your child is small. The fights are likely traumatizing to the child, also. This child has no way to protect itself from fighting dogs. You have three beings that NEED a change in your home for their own safety and happiness. Not acting right away to change the situation is beyond my understanding. Sometimes we have to do things we don't really want to do. We have to not be selfish and think about the mental and physical well being of others and acknowledge when things are beyond our capabilities. Please, please, please re-home one of those females!
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I have broken up a number of bitch fights. I also babysit a couple of six year old girls (not generally at my house). I would NEVER want those girls to witness a bitch fight. Right now you have a girl who is maturing and is not a good candidate for living with other females. To this point, the fights have not been that serious. This can escalate, and if it does there is a danger to your child.

No, dog aggression does not mean human aggression. But when dogs are fighting, people often get bitten, usually trying to break them apart. Sometimes, a dog will bite anything else if it is pulled away from the object of its hatred. They call this misdirected aggression.

I agree that the stress level is not healthy for the dogs or the people involved. It would be much better to find a good home for one of the girls, and let your household enjoy what a dog brings to a home, a lowering of blood pressure, and a great loving companion to all the people. Right now your daughter is learning that dogs are scary. That alone would be reason enough for me to rehome one.

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in my opinion human aggression and dog aggression can go hand in hand all depending on the dog, genetics, etc. not always but it does happen. especially if the dog hasn't been socialized properly. i am not sure if this is same sex aggression or there is more going on. it could be a dominant thing, or just lack of direction and not being corrected for bad behviors. hard to say without seeing it. but, if the OP's don't feel they have the time to get the dog evaluated and do some training and taking alot of time to observe and correct it might be better to rehome in the right place. it would take a home that someone would be qualified to work with this dog etc. there are alot of dogs in this home and with multiple dogs it takes even more work to make sure things run smoothly. tough decision for sure.........

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