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Originally Posted by DJEtzel View Post
I'm sorry, did the OP say that he threatened anywhere? I did not read his dialogue the way so many people here are taking it.

I felt like he just let her know in too open of a way that he was going to shoot the dog had it not turned around so she should really be careful of her dog's actions... That's not a threat at all, just letting her know for her dog's sake.
No, telling someone you have a gun and could have shot their dog is telling it like it is. Showing someone the gun is taking it a step farther. I would have reported the guy.

Ihczth, I really cannot see how this is getting political, can you PM me what it is in this thread that is political and not dog-related, because I am confused.

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This is late coming in but yeah that is an unnerving situation that apparently could have ended worse. Sounds like you have pretty good recall with your dog. Personally, more training could be in order, but it sounds like you have good base of training. My thought is that they still are dogs and they do have a mind of their own so no matter what amount of training there is still the possibility of them doing something like yours had done, when they are off leash and someone comes along unexpectedly. Personally I think the guy way over-reacted, but its hard to say without being there.

Also, to DJEtzel and Selzer, personally having recieved my CCW in Indiana and spending large amounts of time studying Indiana law and speakingwith the local sheriff many times. It has been my understanding that he should not have even said he would have shot the dog and by him showing and starting to pull the gun out in what at that time was a "neutral" situation is threatening in manner and he should be reported. Personally, having been charged by large dogs before it has never once been my initial reaction to want to shoot the dog, that said I have never been by myself when it has happened.
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I think the OP has a good attitude. Telling you he was afraid of the dog and letting you know that a dog running loose in public that causes people to be afraid could get the dog shot isn't a threat. Neither is showing that he's carrying in a state where he is allowed to carry. My guess is the population there that doesn't carry is the minority. Kind of a jerk way to do it, but nothing unlawful about it.
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Just a follow up.

I'm working on this very seriously. I will probably start layering in e-collar with the recall just so I can make it very quick and nearly 100% (very few things in life are 100%).

Today we trained with focused heeling around a bunch of cross country skiers in a field. I weaved around the skiers (not too close, or they would have thought me even stranger) "fuss-ed" her, downed her in motion, recalled her and then at the end rewarded with a game of tug with the leash. No problems. I had my other two dogs with me and worked them separately on some recall and trick stuff.

But, when we were coming up the single track trails to the larger trail, she did alert bark real quick at some snow bikers (from a ways back, we came around a corner and they surprised us). She was very close to me this time and on leash. I "fuss-ed" her and we went by (no further reaction or barking), but the (female) biker informed me that I have a "mean" dog.

I think that is the perception I am going to get, unfortunately. I know to some degree GSDs and malinois are supposed to "look" mean. So I battle that a bit, too. I think she's cute, but she does have a wolfish-police dog look to her. And she's grown a bit in the past month.

Honestly, I love this dog and I will leash her all the time if I have to, but, first my right shoulder is having some major pain/issues (old injury and dislocation) and I'll probably have to have surgery. It would be hugely helpful NOT to have to use a leash all the time. Which is why I'll probably be going with e-collar.

Second, the bark alert behavior is going to be tough to eliminate completely. I can call her back quickly BUT I'm not sure I can completely get rid of it. I've been much more diligent about calling her in whenever I see anyone on the trail- even if I think she won't react. But I can't do this pre-emptively 100% all the time because sometimes people appear suddenly. She is very good with the recall, but I think there is room for improvement in speed, as with any command.

I also will be working a whole lot on passing other dogs in harness because she will be my back-up dog for the world championships skijor races in March. A solid "on-by" past distractions will be helpful not just for skijoring, but for the trails as well. I have access to a lot of calm, neutral dogs with mushing friends, so as long as I can get them onboard with training the "maligator" we should be in good shape in a short amount of time.

I've never had a dog that is so easy to train, but I've also never had a dog that needed so much training just to go trail running. Give and take, I guess.

I'm going to try to take video of some of the training- it's hard because my hands are full with the dog so I need to set it up somewhere on tripod or similar, but I find it really useful to see what's going on with me and the dog, and it may be helpful for other people. No guarantees, though. Training takes priority over video.

Thanks for all the comments on this. It sure was a wake-up call for me, and probably a good thing it happened when she is just 17 months old and I have ample opportunity to get her in better habits for life. I'm also very glad it ended well.
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Musk I feel like you are reading too much into this / care too much for what people think.
I know people who think any dog that doesn't look or act like a lab is mean. Which is ridiculous.

You're probably NEVER going to see these people again in your life
don't sweat it too much.
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I agree with this ... on these conditions ...

your dog isn't running at them full tilt scaring the crap out of them
the alert bark (or two) doesn't turn into a full scale barking fest
your dog comes back to you when called

Kyleigh sits in the back of my car, I have a divider so she can't get into the front. I have a four door car. I go through the Tim's drive thru every day on our way to our hike. She's in the back seat, the window is up, there is no way for her to even touch the person at the drive-thru window. She's never barked, whined or anything when I go to the cash.

Depending on who is at the window I get a variety of reactions:

does your dog want a tim bit?
ooh, is she ever cute
wow, nice looking dog, what is she mixed with


is she going to bite me?
she looks really mean
I wouldn't want to try and break into your car
she's absolutely huge (60 pounds)

One of my friends has a chihuahua (nastiest dog I've ever met) ... her dog has almost bit every single tim horton's person that works the cash ... if my friend wasn't fast enough, the dog would have bit (whole other story, let's NOT go there ... they both drive me nuts) ... and yet EVERY SINGLE person that sees that dog thinks it's adorable and wants to pick it up!!!

I agree that you should keep up the training ... at 17 months, you've got lots of training to go, as I'm sure you know ... but don't beat yourself up about it!

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