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Kitmcd she might still scare the crap and batter your poor beagle. I really feel sorry for your poor beagle to have to live with an angry bitch shepherd there isnt anything worse than that. Imagine the stress it is going through? How easy it is for your shepherd to kill it? it wont forgive your beagle ever.

Your shepherd will end up killing it if you make one small mistake. Attacks get worse and worse.

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Originally Posted by kitmcd View Post
Along with this topic, I am having similar issues with my 15mo GSD, intact female. She has begun attacking the elderly female beagle in the home (she was spayed before 1st heat) and is 12 years old. They have been together since the GSD was 8 weeks.

The GSD is not spayed yet (finished 2nd heat 3 weeks ago) as she developed IBD and her weight loss was so severe they didn't want to stress her with surgery....planned now for Dec.

I hadn't thought about muzzle in the home and she has never had one on. Would that be better than constantly keeping them separated? It is a major pain the ass to never let them out together and always feeling like one is being neglected.

I am praying that this will resolve and they will go back to pre-heat relationship but from what I've read that doesn't sound likely. It has certainly taken much of the enjoyment out of home life.
You really need to start your own thread
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Will do! Sorry didn't mean to hijack.
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Originally Posted by msvette2u View Post
Did they intend them to be "sharp" dogs? Is it a byproduct of something they were bred for?
Weren't they bred to be herding dogs as well?
(Maybe I ought to google all this...!)
It's in the breeding. Not all Malinois are "sharp" or "reactive". Like I said, there are show lines and "working" lines. There are many more working Malinois than show/pet Malinois. And then there are people breeding a "balanced" dog that is not based on show conformation, but are active enough and child safe. I know at least one of each of the 3 types.

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This post is old,but I thought I would add my 0.02 here. I've learned the hard way when it comes to dropping your guard with dogs who have seemed to be best buddies and then got into a fight.This has always been between female dogs and they have had various degrees of seriousness.

Even playing can quickly get out of hand especially when the dogs 'pack up' and things get competitive.We usually have between 4 to 5 foster dogs
here in addition to our personal dog and don't let them all run together unsupervised .Some may say that it's because we aren't capable of controlling the dogs,but I see it as a way of preventing more fights. Depending on what dogs we have,they can all be out if we are just hanging out in the den or something,but the minute we can't watch them,they are put up until we can supervise again.

As much you may love this dog,I really do think you should listen to some of the warnings you are getting.

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I only read the first 3 pages of this thread, but I just want to add....

We've had same sex aggression issues in our house. First time was with two males, second time with two females.

First time with the males - they were littermates. Raised together and were BEST BUDS. They were inseparable. If one would go out of sight of the other, someone would start screaming bloody murder until he could see his bubba again.
Well, one day, when they were about 2 years old (maybe older?) they got in a fight. Days passed. Every day, there was at least one fight. Eventually, we made the decision to rehome one of them.

Next story:
We bring Gracie (pit) home from the shelter to foster her.
She got along perfectly with everyone. Until about 4-5 months later, when my mom decided that she was going to adopt Gracie, Sania (senior lab) attacked Gracie.
Since that day, they CANNOT be together, or they will try to kill each other.
Gracie won't start a fight, but she will finish one. And when you put a 4 year old pit against a 14 year old lab - who will win?
Thankfully we have gates set up throughout the entire house. Whenever I move out, I'm taking Sania with me so that Mom can live more stress-free.
Anyone who has ever had to rotate dogs day in and day out knows it gets old and it's tiring and STRESSFUL, especially when company comes over. Not to mention, you lose a lot of bonding time because you can't sit with both dogs next to you. One is always in a separate room, and it can be a little heartbreaking.

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Again, this is not and was never about same sex aggression.
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They lived together and they were the same sex, how are you so sure that it wasn't same-sex aggression? It fits. The mal is reaching sexual maturity and often same-sex aggression happens around that time. It really does not matter if neither, one, or both are spayed. They are still females.

We take your word on the aggression toward your dogs being re-directed aggression of course. I think the same-sex aggression that we are discussing was in the previous home, the reason they gave her up to you.

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Yeah, they worried that the Pit Bull would kill her the next time.

From everything I saw, up until now and the research I did on Mals, if she had an issue with the girls, and there was same sex aggression going out form her, it would have already come out because of their explosive nature.

As for the re-direction, didn't happen again. We are at the point where she's mainly neutral towards other dogs now.
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Anyone who has ever had to rotate dogs day in and day out knows it gets old and it's tiring and STRESSFUL, especially when company comes over.
Rotation is nothing new to me. It is how I grew up. It's the same with Kennel Dogs. You rotate them in and out, all day long. So to me it is normal and not stressful at all. Just like you rotate the horses in and out from stables to the paddocks or pastures.
So no issues there at all. However, that being said, we are nowhere near that point.

The most important thing, from experience, with a pack like that, is that each of them has a retreat where they can get a break from each other. Each of them has their little spot where they won't get bothered by another dog. It's usually upstairs, either the crate or the bedroom. For the male it's the bathroom in the bathtub.
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