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Originally Posted by Blanketback View Post
It is your decision to make, but just remember that you're making the decision for Harley, not for yourself.
Your right, it is my decision. But I am getting some that say do this and then some that say don't. What advice do I go with? Prong, no prong, muzzle, no muzzle, and now ecollar. I don't know which is the best way to go. That's why I came here. People that have more knowledge and experience. I plan on taking things slow with him and what I am comfortable with. But I want to make sure I am doing it properly.

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I think you need to research each option that has been given to you and formulate a plan based on what you think. Nobody here can tell you what to do. I know what tools I would use but that doesn't mean you are comfortable with them. We can only lay out possible options for you. Have you contacted a trainer?

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Perfectly said Jax08... Lots of advice, now the OP justs needs to get some professional help and go with what seems to help her and Harley.
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I've seen many dogs being walked muzzled. The owners walk with confidence. I've observed people passing and they don't grab their children and run, nor do I hear them make any comments. They just walk by. I don't think anything of it.

Your neighbours know what happened. Muzzling your dog makes a statement that you are taking action. I bet your neighbours expect to see your dog muzzled.

Rumor around here is that one of two labs got away from the owner and bit a teen tearing his jeans She was court ordered to muzzle the dog in public and to walk them separately. I see her walking both dogs totally ignoring the order, granted it was a rumor.

I think it is better to muzzle your dog now as a training tool rather than be ordered to muzzle your dog.
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If people make a comment about the muzzle you don't have to tell them what happened. You can just say that you don't want your dog to kill small animals and people might think mice or rabbits.
If you do decide on a muzzle, make sure you get a basket muzzle that allows panting. The canvas snout muzzles will keep his mouth closed.
It sounds like you doing OK with him.
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In going through the old posts pertaining to questions I have, I've seen people mention muzzling when their dogs have teeth problems too. If you'd worried about the stigma of the muzzle, you can make up any story, lol. If you decide to use one, that is. I don't think it would be a bad idea right now, considering the injuries. The dog didn't just get it's neck broken, after all.
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E-Collar is the way to go. Have had a lot of recent success preventing a DA reactive dog from charging other dogs with this tool. The key is stim the behavior not the site of another dog. This way the dog learns it can look at other dogs it can sniff other dogs and play with other dogs, but if he gets into a charging frame of mind he recieves a stim. This dog has been able to go to the dog park initially muzzled and is now off muzzle and is able to interact properly with another dog. Also, do some recall excersices with the e-collar to reinforce the here command. A dog in prey can be very hard to stop especially if your handling is sub par. The E Collar can quickly counter condition the charge reflex especially when paired with a verbal command. I like it better then the prong and it actually stresses the dog less, when they get into that charge mode. Before moving to the E Collar do your research and set the groundwork properly and you should see very posative results. Good Luck.
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Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg1 View Post
This dog has been able to go to the dog park initially muzzled and is now off muzzle and is able to interact properly with another dog.
Was there a transitional period when that dog was wearing both the muzzle and the ecollar? I'm pretending that Harley is mine, lol - I hope OP doesn't mind! Because I know I'd be muzzling right now, simply in case another dog charged. That's what got the first one killed.
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Absolutely, the dog wore a basket muzzle for the first few times upon entering the park. Initially I just used the muzzle and leash but I found that using the ecollar actually improved my control over the explosions. it also freed the dog up to run from the other dogs if she felt like it or to engage in the kind of play we all know GSDs like which can also be confused with aggression. Basically the scenario was her getting constantly tested by meeting dogs with a variety of dispositions. The muzzle was removed after I noted her body language become more consistently relaxed. If anything the removal of the muzzle caused greater relaxation. She still hackles when first entering the park and sometimes does a charge (depending on the dog) but these instances are becoming less frequent and shorter in duration. She spends more time just watching all the other dogs and playing tag with the ones that she likes.
Just got back from another session today infact. It should also be noted that I use a much higher level of stim in this type of exposure. I find that when she gets into reactive mode lower levels that she would initially respond too had no effect. She usually works well on level one, I use a 5-7 in the park. She is still a work in progress but is 75% better then before. I plan to progress to OB inside te park once she is 100% comfortable. (Already having her do some basic commands)
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Originally Posted by myshepharley View Post
I am getting some that say do this and then some that say don't. What advice do I go with?
You go with what makes the most sense that feels comfortable to you, for your situation.

The reason these forums are priceless: you get 100 opinions, and you can choose only one. I did this when my dog was having vomiting issues and the people here helped solve my problem. It is the way it should be.

As for people asking-- they probably won't. But if they do, you can always say, "It keeps him focused."
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