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it all depends on the situation with Sam. if there are kids around and they see him they always seem to be attracted to him. i simple say "sorry kids, Sam isn't used to kids, and he is working and supposed to be paying attention to me" which is usually the case when we are in public, he is healing and doing Obedience and focusing on me. i just keep a close eye on my surroundings. lots of excuses you can use. he's working, he's not friendly, he doesn't like to be petted by strangers, or you can just turn and walk the other way, that usually gives a good hint. i find most people realize i am working with him keeping his attention., and don't bother. the kids are the ones that see a dog and want to pet..........

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Jäger isn't fearful of a biter, but he is very aloof and will posture at people who unknowingly posture at him. I tell everyone talk to me first. Sometimes I actually teach someone what posturing is, and show them both how they trigger a reaction from jäger, and how they can approach and pet him without a reaction. He is very predictable in that way

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Well said JeanKBBMMMAAN..I wonder if not the handler's attitude is of issue more so than the dog's.
I am interpreting some strong animosity to others in general from some of the comments in this thread. All of which your dog will pickup and feed from and likely respond accordingly. We often fail to consider ourselves as the root catalyst of fault...just saying.

A simple smile while stating "Trixie is not feeling very well for company today, but thank you" should at least dissuade most and encourage friendly dialogue and set a good behavioral example for your dog..otherwise go with your 'karate chops and pepper spray' as your most effectual deterrent.

"Why does my dog act like I feel?"
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I agree this is awkward. Especially if you have a really handsome dog! With children I always say NO, or put my hand up in a stay/stop gesture. With adults, I feel it out more. For women it is often a yes, especially if they themselves own dogs, or they are blonde and act fairly normal, my daughters are blonde and my dog has a good association. With men I must be more cautious, usually I say once my dog gets to know you, or if she shows an interest. There's been only a few times she's really warmed up to a strange man, and in talking to the men we've found out they've had large, or GSD dogs in the past.

But if I don't want to deal with anyone, I just say "No" as they approach, or "no" if they ask to pet. No explanations, I don't need to, whoever wants to pet and cannot make up their own explanations.
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Benny is very good with children and I always lets them pet him, but try to instruct them a bit on the way to approach a dog. He is good with most women but not good with most men. It is all in the way they approach him. I can tell by the way Benny is acting whether he will be ok with the person and if I see him start to tense, I just tell them no.

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I just tell people the truth...The dog is fine but I am not. If something goes wrong I am the one who is going to get sued and it is my Assets that will be lost....my dog will probably be fine but I dont want to take the chances of me losing $$ or even worse, my dog being put down. I had a family come up to me (Woman and her kids) and the kids were playing and everything was fine until the dad got out of his softball game and approached us with a bat in his hand...LOL...luckliy I caught it before things went bad but my dog protects and does not like strange men...The family told me "He is just doing his job, awesome dog"...yeah and if he would have bitten the dad in the face would you guys be saying that??? Nope, i would be getting hit with a lawsuit and facing putting my dog down. Sorry, just too risky for me. Most of the time, my dog tells them...always amazes me how parents just let their kids run up to any dog...yeah my dog like kids but how do they know that??
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'she's not friendly'
'she may bite you'--this gets them away quickly
'she doesn't like strangers'
'please don't pet her. she doesn't know you and may get scared and snap'
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My dog is very unpredictable when it comes to strangers approaching him. He is a 21 month old, un-nuetered Heidelberg, and is EXTREMELY protective.

In fact, I have had to incidences while walking him where someone, a complete stranger to both of us, will approach in a friendly way with the whole "oooooooh my goooosh that is a beautiful dog.... hiii boyyyy" attitude. Jerry Lee becomes completely aggressive, snarling, growling, snapping, hair spiked, the whole nine yards. This is usually enough for the person to keep walking. I just apologize and tell them he doesn't like strangers.

At home it is a different story. Granted, when a person Jerry Lee does not know comes into the house it seems like Jerry Lee reacts based off of my attitude. For example, the only people I allow willingly into my house are obviously people I know (and i think Jerry understands this). Jerry is on guard for a bit (if he recognizes them he is friendly as can be), but after I "introduce" them via letting Jerry smell them and what not, a few minutes go by and Jerry seems to be ok. Granted, he is not by any means their best friend and reminds weary of them, but I know I don't have to worry about him attacking.

All of that being said. I am EXTREMELY happy with the way Jerry Lee acts in public and in private. I do not want anyone getting close to me I do not know, and Jerry DOES NOT allow that. Yet he warms up to people somewhat quickly in a comfortable envoirment (i.e. at home, not while on a walk/run). It also seems that this breed has a remarkable memory as Jerry seems to remember people he as met before. I researched long and hard before I purchased a dog, and the GSD's faithfulness, loyalty, proctectiveness and intelligence are second to none... that is exactly why I chose to get one.

Absolutely no regrets this far.

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any dog that acts uncontrollable and unpredictible in public is NOT a strong nerved dog, weak nerved dogs are the ones who put on a show of hackles,growling,barking,lunging etc.. a truly stable nerved confident dog shows None of those behaviors as they are truly confident and strong nerved.... while some people like a weak nerved dog acting like that and think that the dog is being protective, its not. the dog is being fearful and putting on a show to keep people away.. a stable gsd let alone any breed or mutt that is confident and has strong good genetics wont act like a fool in public.....

you can always say your dog is in training please dont approach. that usually works

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Lucky has some issues .the first being he has some pain in his right front joint and really weak pasturs. In the past 4 years he has become more "owy'. On vacation I was careful to instruct people on when they can approach. He fell in love w/one lady and really took to a ranger who was a former K-9 officer. he actually held his leash so that I could take a TC.Otherwise I really did not let people approach. Some of that was also I wanted away from people and just did not want to be bothered.
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