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So sad...

So the puppies were born yesterday. I'm trying to be upbeat and figure out what I want to do next. My breeder had me down for a boy. I told her it really has to be a boy, because all the other dogs owned by family are girls and not all of them are very friendly with other girl dogs. I don't want to have to keep them separate. So anyways, I was going to meet up with someone who has one of her dogs, and my breeder had told that person that I was getting one of her boys from this litter. Also, she told me that as long as she kept what they saw on the ultrasound, I would get one.
I believe all of the other people on the list are down for any of her litters (there are a couple separate ones in the works), while I said that I only wanted to be on the list for this one (personal preference, nothing against the other breeding fundamentally). I believe everyone else is also being more open to what sex.

Then yesterday I got the news... I'm seventh on a long list of people, and there was only one boy born. Only one. There are not as many puppies as we expected by two, although that wouldn't guarantee more boys (which is what everyone prefers apparently).

I'm crushed, everyone. I know there's no way that I could get him, even if his temperament matched. I just wanted to spill my sorrows out here, I feel gutted. I got on the list and was following this before the Mom was even bred. Sigh. She's going to update us all with info and more pictures, but I'm kind of dreading it, because it will only solidify what I already know. Thanks for listening, it's just really disappointing.
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