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Viggo needs a standard walk to help him get his energy out. I know GS's are working dogs and my ex doesn't walk him and play with him as often as he used to. I think Viggo gets depressed sometimes and this may be part of the reason. He also gets spurts of energy and loves to play (not bad things at all) but he'd probably be happier and more relaxed if he had routine walks. He has a little anxiety and doesn't like loud noises. During the 4th of July he shivers when he hears the fireworks and paces around.

Other than that he really doesn't have too many issues. He doesn't mind baths, or being brushed. His appetite can be finicky at times and he is distracted easily. We never gave/give him junk food. He eats Wellness dry kibble and an occasional piece of apple or hard boiled egg from time to time.
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