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He's tried to hold on to him but it's coming to a head...and it's not a fun decision to have to make.

I figured I'd help out and look for other options as we don't just want to find some random home. If I get some opportunity via this forum then I'll have him take over the conversations. Just trying to help.

I know Viggo's temperament very well. He's very gentle (always has been), obedient and has a wonderful loving energy. He works very well with small dogs but not so much with large ones. He can get leash anxiety if walking and a large do passes. I think if he had proper training he'd learn to handle it better because he didn't always have this issue.

Viggo is nearly 7 years old. I have a pic I posted on the photo forum. I'm new to this so let me know if you don't see it. I get more as well. He's a pretty long-hair GS but we think he's mixed with something else or perhaps some sort of Belgian Shepherd.
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