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Question Time fora big basket muzzle when in crowded areas?


Am i UNLUCKY? or what this stuff happens to me a lot. My girl is not dog aggressive i have close friends who are very good licensed dog behaviourists and they say shes not aggressive but very picky who she likes and does not like and wont put up with any kind of rudeness from anything.

Shes so sweet me and my friends all go even with their puppies to places like HIgh park toronto, NEVER the off leash side. I put my dog in a sit she did not bark a word. WHEN

Today a huge rottie charged us i yelled at it told it NO!!! and even resorted to kicking (I HATE PEOPLE WHO KICK DOGS)it but that did not work they are built like tanks i have no idea what this dog was trying to do but she did not like mine. She just smashed my own leg into my own dog who was still sitting not barking and then went into my dogs face and stared while i was trying to kick it away, my friend yelled at the owners the owners called their huge rottie but she did not listen to them. Well my dog just grabbed her face and and tore into made it scream in horror. Worst noise.

NO one cared tho not even the owners but it just feels wrong like one time a huge dobie jumped out of a truck window and attacked us in such a horrific manner, my dog flipped it over and just brutalized it. Only one or two seconds.

But things like this happen no small dogs ever just large dominant types but every time it ends with the dog tore open and in shock from the bite it jusut got remember my dog was trained to grip hard and bred for strong grips. She can kill a dog if given a few minutes. I dont know why she can do this maybe it is her czech police backround? maybe its all her bite work training? maybe its her coyote experience? (she will kill them) but shes just such a fast effective fighter no matter the dog she gets the dog first and just causes horrible damage in seconds. I understand most german sheps here are usually victims. I am always in leashed areas or even while walking by houses and being attacked from someones drive way.

So any good muzzle ideas? One she could swim in? Eat in? Even tho they are breaking the law i have a feeling my dog can still handle herself with a muzzle. She loves beaches the public the bikes going by people jogging by kids running by she just keeps to herself shes the dream dog execpt for if something wants to mess with her she will really give it to them. I dont want something like this to happen again.

My friend who was with me seems to think even if shes attacked with a muzzle on she would still take care of herself while i am helping of course. Before a dog attacks her my dog seems to be quiet and still all planned out and then she goes right for the face and twists, or even the throat very precise thought out defense moves so it is never ever a "fight" because the dog is already down before they even got a chance to fight.

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