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Default GSD Growling Issues

I just got a Rescue female GSD about 2 weeks ago (she is 4 years old), we have a lake with a one mile jogging trail near the house. I take here to the lake twice a day for exercise. She does fine with Bikers, joggers, walkers and even the ducks. There are Dogs behind fences that bark up a storm and my GSD simply ignores them! But when it comes to other dogs and there masters my GSD wants to physically meet the other dog then she starts growling at them! A couple of days ago we were on a park bench giving her water and my GSD snapped at me since I held her back with her collar from getting to the other dog. I want to send her to obedience school problem is there is 10 other dogs in a group and not sure how she will react! How do I correct this behavior?
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