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How do I get my dog to..

Hello I just wondered if anyone can help me with introducing my dog to my two cats?

As right now the situation is not good as they live outside most of the time won't come in being to cautious of the dog and when I do bring in they don't seem to feel to comfortable

So to try help change this I have tried putting one of my cats being the eldest one in his cat carrier (he has lived with a dog before and was fine but my dog before was a small dog being a King Charles) so picked my eldest cat for that reason and not my other cat because she's never lived with a dog before and also very timid.

So to start off with I tried to introduce the cat aka my eldest one by putting his cat carrier box in the middle of the floor and then bringing the dog in so they can see each other when she approaches the carrier and is looking like she's behaving the cat growls and hisses then the dog wants to instantly run and bark I then spray the dog with water telling it "No" and the dog does back off and lays down however I am not sure if this this the best way to go about this i have never had to introduce cat to dog before like this. As when I got my cat originally he was a tiny kitten and the dog wasn't that bad with him as the kitten was able to walk about the living room would hiss and spit but the dog never attacked him.

So thinking for introducing a big dog like a GSD must be different so if anyone can help me with any advise I'd appreciate it greatly.
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