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Mm gotcha. Yea thats why im trying to get input in case.. God forbid it ever happens again.. I want to know the general protocol for handling it correctly.

But... 1. It was actually not a dog park. Just a park with a huge field (I avoid dog parks for now because of everything I read on this forum). And 2. I took out the chuck it because they were far enough away where Konig didn't care anymore and he was playing just fine with no other dogs around (she saw he was off leash and came over to me again) 3. It escalated very quickly and I wasn't standing there pondering.. "hmm... what should I do?" I just reacted. 4. When I say I got my hands on him.. I dont mean i was able to grab him. I was simply able to barely catch up and shove his rear down to the ground (though i admit i shoved him HARD) It wasn't like i got a hold of his scruff, windmilled him and mega slammed him to the ground or anything.. but again.. happened quickly. 5. She knew it wasn't normal behavior. She became very frantic trying to stop them also but her recall was failing and she wasn't able to grab him.
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