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Personally, I think you went over the top. Unfortunately…if the dog starts to cower at you, you probably did way too much. This didn’t seem like a bad dog fight where that was necessary, seems like just restraining the Golden would’ve accomplished the job…and if you had the time/ability to grab and shove him, you should’ve been able to grab the collar and just hold him until the owner got there. This is the part about dog parks where you just need to leave when you see a dog is being aggressive and your dog can’t handle it. At your dog’s age, he probably won’t stand up for himself and could develop some fear/confidence issues when it comes to dogs if he has enough of these run ins.

Not sure why knowing your dog is ball possessive you took out a chuck-it either though. But that’s not the biggest issue here.

I personally try to control my dog and not physically touch other people’s dogs. Even though it sounded like the lady knew her dog was being aggressive…you’ll run into situations where the other person will tell you their dog is “just playing” and will get quite pissed if you decide to lay your hands on their dog. My dog can play rough…I personally don’t let him get too crazy and watch the other owner’s reaction to how their dog is dealing with the rough play. But say my dog was playing a bit too rough for your tastes, but it wasn’t crazy terrible, and you did that…you’re probably going to have bigger issues (from me).

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