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Pup got attacked. Was I wrong?

I was at a park with my 8 month old. I had him on a 30ft lead because there were other dogs around and his recall isn't perfect yet. A lady with a golden retriever comes and asks if he's friendly, and I say yes but notice she has a chuck-it in her hand and I tell her Konig is a bit ball possessive. Shes says "oh thats fine I can just put it away." So I say ok but her dog approaches and gets pretty aggressive and growling and she pulls him away and she says sorry and takes him further away on the field. Konig loses interest so I take him off leash to throw the chuck it.. She sees that hes off leash and comes over with her dog and says "oh hes finally off the leash huh?".. So I smile and just say yea. Her dog approaches and starts to get aggressive again and charges Konig trying to bite at him as Konig tries to scramble away. And NO, they were not playing.. I do know the difference. And she actually started freaking out saying "oh leave the pup alone!".. She tries to recall him but can't and she tries to grab him but can't. I'm also trying to stop them and eventually am able to get my hands on the golden and basically shove him hard to the ground enough to make him tumble about 3 feet and wimper he turns and sees that I'm still walking straight for him and he goes flat on the ground and looks up at me. Then I just stood over him until his owner came and grabbed him.. But she basically looked at me like I had gone over the top and handled her dog too aggressively. Is it not justified to throw another person's dog onto the ground (or even kick, punch, hit with a stick, etc) to protect your dog if its being aggressive and the owner can't get control of it? I grabbed my things and left the park, not because I felt guilty but because I was so livid. Am I wrong in this situation?
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