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I forgot about my other story!

About 3 months ago, my sister and I were driving back to her place when we saw a beautiful Pitbull running down the street. We stopped the car and I called to her, she came flying into the van, wagging her tail, smiling and whimpering, she was sweet as can be, she was young and she looked like she may have been in heat. She smelled great, she must have just had a bath, she had a brand new red leather collar on and she was in excellent condition. We drove around the area for almost 2 hours looking for someone that may be looking for her. We called the police department and animal control and no one reported her missing. It was 11pm so my sister took her home for the night. The next day we called around seeing if anyone was missing her, we put on Facebook that we found a dog, no one responded, my sister took her to the Vet to see if she was microchipped and she wasn't. My sister held onto her for almost 2 weeks and I had named her "Bella." My sister couldn't keep her because my nephew had been very badly bitten in the face and scarred by a pitbull so he was scared of her. My sister ended up giving her to a co worker of hers who had lost their pitbull to cancer 6 months prior. She is spoiled rotten, she's spayed now and her name is still Bella.


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