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Originally Posted by wyoung2153 View Post
The nude pictures didn't catch me off guard in that sense, because I know people take them rather frequently, but it does catch me off guard when it's publicized.. more so it irks me. People have no respect for other's privacy these days.. and I don't necessarily think it's an age thing. I'm 25 and taking nude pictures of myself really never crossed my mind. Even with my SO and I deploying a lot and not seeing eachother. Just wasn't important to me, I guess. I would rather spend my time and emails talking to him and conversing, vs just sending pictures of myself like that. Plus it freaks me out, lol. Obviously people get ahold of these things and well, we see what happens so I lean toward the safe side.
I am happy to hear that a 25 year old is not interested in doing this. I guess I was a little nervous that my daughter would be facing a world where this is just expected of young women. While I don't think there is anything wrong with it. People are entitled to their own private sex lives. However it is clear that society makes it much more difficult for women to have a private sex life. It seems to me these women were violated twice. Once when their pictures were hacked and a second time when everybody in the media shouted about this story from every rooftop.
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