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saved/found 2 dogs this morning

This morning was pretty exciting.

As we were leaving for our walk, a minivan pulls up next to us. The guy inside is super worried and tells us that his 2 dogs just ran off. He said one is a puppy and the other an adult and both are black labs. We confirm that his phone number is on their collars and then set off on our walk with Linus.

We went to local park that is under construction because it has a field that is mostly enclosed by fencing and not many dogs go there because of the construction.

We were practicing some off leash obedience when two black dogs suddenly appear across the field. One is puppy and the other an adult. Aha! The lost dogs. I call the adult lab while my wife tries to round up the puppy. Just as I leash up the adult both puppies take off across the field and disappear behind the fence. Oh no!!! Linus isn't listening to Here! command. So we start running with the adult lab in tow.

We round the corner and finally spot the errant puppies way across the adjacent field that is under construction. Linus looks up at me and I call Here! again. He finally breaks away from play and runs to me. Yay! Up until this point my wife is frantic as there is a big road at the far side of the field under construction. I was trying not to think too much about that road.

So now we have 3 dogs and one leash. I've lost weight recently so using my belt as a leash will not work so well as my shorts would fall to the ground. The puppies still want to play and are quite the handful as we manage them by holding on to their collars. The adult lab is pretty easy going and just hangs out watching the fracas with a grin on his face.

We find the guys phone number on the adult's collar and call him. We also learned the stray dogs names which are Audrey (puppy) and Angus (adult). A few minutes later Audrey and Angus are reunited with their owner. He was thrilled.

Then my wife and I notice just how dirty we are now. The field under construction is essentially a big mud pit that we just ran across twice. We had a good laugh and decided then and there to double the amount of Here! training that Linus is getting.

Phew! That was not the first time we have saved/found stray dogs. It does feel good to do something nice.

Anyone else save/find a dog? I'd like to hear your stories.

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