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I think my dogs saved my house...

I bought a fixer upper last year that my husband and I have been working on. Great 1920's style brick Tudor home, with an awesome backyard and more room than I am used to. Lena and Della have been digging in certain areas in the yard. I attributed this to just being puppies and why not dig I guess lol...Anyways, I had also noticed that Lena had gotten a couple of red patches on her soft stomach, which I was about to take her into the vet this week and have it checked out (figured possibly impetigo or allergies, yeast infection idk lol). Well, my husband is inspecting a hole they are actively digging in and OMG it was the start of a termite nest!!! Thank goodness it was not that extensive yet, and my husband was able to eradicate it. We also found out we had a small carpenter ant nest AND a fire ant nest! As I look at some of these spots on her, I am getting more confident that she was getting bit by these little ants in sensitive areas. But they have earned their keep in my book, we are not being vigilant and they have also lessened on the digging. So I am hoping that means that we are getting rid of them. Thank you Lean and Della you get special treats this weekend!
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