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stairs !! stairs ! stairs!! ??

Hello all I have researched about stairs but wanted to ask myself ..
ok so to get to my house I have to go up like 16-20 stairs no way around it .
I have a 4 month old boy weighing at 40lbs.its a hassle to carry him all the way up .sometimes im not home and my wife cant do it so she lets him walk up ..ive seen him go up he doesn't hop up.he walks using all his four legs to move up seems ok ..
The vet in the other hand said to keep him from going up or down stairs untill he is about 1yr old :0 !!
He will probably be like 70 lbs by then and this will a workout !
She said by doing this, carrying him up I will prevent hip dysplasia is this true ??
Do any of you have a helthy adult boy that whent up stairs as a bby ?

Also I take him to the dog park for about 30 min 5 days a week he runs, jumps and tackles other dogs is this bad should I cut out on dog parks ?

What supplements are good for joint support ?

He is beeing fed raw and I give him chicken feet and eggs ass calcium and glucosamine .

How meny chicken feet do you give your pup if feeding raw ?
Thanks alot im kinda nervous I dont want nothing bad to happen to my boy thanks again
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