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Considering raw deit for my new pup

Hey everyone my name is Matt and am new to the forum. I've read through a lot of posts on here and found them very helpful. I'm new as well to GSDs and just got my first one 2 weeks ago this coming Saturday. He's 4 months old and has been eating Pro Plan. I've read a lot online about feeding raw, am just wondering if anyone near the Chattanooga area is feeding raw to help assist me where to find good deals on meats and help on any questions I have. I've tried calling around here to pet shops and kennels but everyone wants to sell me a 6lbs bag of frozen food for $35 and tells me not to buy my own meats and feed. They say its not good and to much work and it wont be the right diet. Just trying to get on the right track of where to get the food and what to get I found a lot of helpful info at the link below I would also like to know about what vitamins and supplements they need in addition to the raw diet.

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