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Need Help Identifying...

We recently picked up a new puppy that we fell in love with at our local pet store. Apparently the pregnant mother was in the animal control shelter and soon to be euthanized when a local lady saved her to rescue the pups. Its a good thing she did because this mother had a litter of 12 and we were lucky to have adopted one!

The lady who was adopting them out and responsible for saving them claims the mother was some sort of hound. However, we do not know what breed the father may have been or what to expect our lovely little puppy to grow into.

What do you guys think? (Sorry for the poor quality photos)

By the way let me introduce you to Miller. (10 weeks old and full of energy)
There are also a few pics of him wrestling with my GSD Kona (4.5 yrs) as well.

Thanks for the input! Its our first small puppy ever.

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