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My boss asks me this every morning. Granted he is a great boss, he always walks around to greet everyone on the team and asks how we are doing. He actually cares, is not saying it just to be polite. Some days I say, "Do you REALLY want to know?" and we laugh. If I'm really not feeling well and it may be relevant to my work (like I don't need 100 interruptions or 100 new things dumped on me that day) I might actually be honest and say I have a migraine and am not feeling well. Most of the time I say, "I'm doing well enough."

I work in customer service, I work for an IT HelpDesk so part of the day I am answering phones or helping people in person. I usually don't ask how they are doing. My phone greeting is "[name of HelpDesk], this is [my name] speaking, may I have your name please?" and go from there. Sometimes a customer asks me how I'm doing and I'll always say "fine" or "well, but busy" if it's someone I already know.
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