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New pup?

Hi, not used the site for a while due to forgetting password - doh!
My GSD is 16 months now and is an absolute dream, months of hard work have paid off and we've tackled his (minor) behavioural problems - pulling on the lead, nipping, lunging.etc
He's a really playful, loving dog and is perfect with every dog he meets, even if they're a little wary of him.
I'm thinking now of getting a new GSD pup, as I think it would be nice for him to have a companion. However, many people I've spoken to have recommended waiting until he's 18 months old. Any thoughts on this, please?
Just want what's best for Rico and I really think a new addition could be good for him, though obviously I'm aware there will be an adjustment period and he may not take to a new dog straight away.
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