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5 month old is out of control - even after completing training

My pup is 5 months old and 50lbs. We originally had him in treat training, realized it wasn't a good fit as we were having lots of behavioral problems and decided to put him in choke collar training. We had the most wonderful trainer who worked miracles on our dog, literally turned him into a new dog. We have been very consistent, and our dog was behaving very appropriately both at home and on walks.

He turned 5 months 2 weeks ago, and since then it has been an absolute nightmare. He is back to all of his bad behaviors. He attacks our cat, he barks at old ladies with hair up on walks, he is out of control pulling on walks, he's on the counters and table, in the garbage, nipping, out of control when guests are over, etc...

I don't know what the problem is. He was totally fine a few weeks ago, and now it's total chaos again. We just finished up obedience training, but he started doing this before the last week. In particular he is not responding to the choke collar anymore, he just pulls and pulls to his hearts content despite how many times we "pop" him. We aren't being aggressive obvious, just trying to keep him under control, but when he is fighting it it looks quite bad. We have to physically restrain him sometimes and we get some very dirty looks. It's really hard on me because of his size now. I think he understands he is gaining the upper hand and just says whatever to me. In training class he was always a real peach, and he has been very good for my boyfriend up until recently.

I was thinking maybe this was because of the teenage stage, but it seems to be too early for that. Any thoughts or advice?
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