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story number two

When I am outside , which is a large part of the day , there is always a dog , or two, running free- hanging out . They dive into the pines and bush and have their chase games , popping out into the open field and then back again. This area connects both sides of the property .
So this one time burly Avery , a sandokan Duke Schaferliesel daughter, and equally burly Sumo are running , tongues hanging , body bumping , enter the pine woods to the south and disappear for a while . No worries. Each one can be recalled off a thawing box of chicken frames , so I know I can bring them to me no problems.
Then they exit from the opposite side , the north of the property. Sumo , called in , comes to me immediately. Avery stops by the 'utility area' backing onto pine and golden rod and ...
There is a large unused wooden dog house which pretty much serves as a lean-to for large sheets of multi ply marine plywood .
She is squatting on her hocks , her front legs furiously throwing out bushels of soil .
I go to see what she has found. Maybe a rabbit that they had been chasing that dove into its bolt hole ? A fox ? What?
I am now to her side peering in to see what is so fascinating to her . I feel a tickle . I know there is some stinging nettle so think nothing of brushing the nettle aside without looking . Still that burning stinging . This time I look around , no nettle - that area successfully cleared .
Look down at my loose black cotton work pants which are crudely cut to knee length.
Ho -- oh, wow , take a run , must do something immediate , not waste any time. Get out of there .
The front of my pants were covered in wasps --- so many it looked like I had collected burrs.
Ran to the nearest shelter , jumped out of those pants, dropped them and then ran to the house.
All the while hoping that Avery wasn't followed by angry subterranean wasps .

What does Sumo do?

Why he has to pick up the pants that I dropped and bring them to me !!!!

popped both dogs into crates and went into house -- to recover .
Six stings on one leg . Stings on belly. One on groin.

cold bath with Epsom salts and baking soda made things bearable .

I let those pants hang from the fence for a few days before washing them. Wanted to make sure nothing was alive to get me again.

The dogs were never bothered by the wasps.
Go figure .

And that is why I look forward to fall .



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