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Re-training aggressive GSD, HELP!!

Back in OK I got a pup and through his life we moved to SC. I never really had the time to socialize him the way I wanted to, and I take FULL responsibility for it.

However, last September he went missing. Animal control picked him up and I identified him from the photos thru my local GSD club email. He was extremely aggressive in the shelter, no one could get close to him to perform any real vet analysis. He was in the shelter for 11 days, and apparently was eating right. When I identified him he wouldn't come to the front of the kennel, but the handler got him out and he kinda came when I called his name and licked my chin.

I have NO doubts this is my dog.

Since having him home, he's extremely aggressive, lunging after people on the leash, trying to get at dogs running loose and I can't tell if it's a fear, or protectiveness. The other day he was accidentally let outside, (ran out of the front door) and I ran down two blocks to leash him up and bring him home. I tried not to make a big deal out of it but it's upsetting. Today the same thing happened, and he barreled into the chihuahuas that were loose across the street and then took off. Scaring the poo out of the neighbors he passed. One girl ran to help me catch him behind and abandoned house and I'm grateful they understood that he wasn't a bad dog. And he isn't.

Odin is a good dog. He didn't bark or growl at the people who helped me, and I know there is hope for him. He chased some kids but he didn't fluff his hair or bark or growl or act hostile, I really think it's an exploratory thing but I need help containing it. Since his neutering he's eating twice a day, drinking plenty of water and listens to the basic commands I thought him. I know I need to reinforce everything,and I need a clicker. But any advice is appreciated 100%.

It's a huge transition for him to be back in my life, but I don't live in a great neighborhood and it scares me to think if he actually ATTACKS someone if he gets out. Please help, I cannot lose him again.
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