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Raw fed for 4mths and coat question

I have been feeding my 18 month old female a franken prey model raw diet now for almost 4 months using a variety of meats and organs and I have to say she looks amazing. I have not had a GSD in probably 25 yrs so I may have forgotten about what to expect with their coats. I have had Siberian Huskies for close to 30 yrs so I know how they blow their under coats heavily for at least 3 weeks 2x per year. My female shepherd seems to be shedding a lot of hair, mainly on her back, and I am wondering if this is a normal shedding process that I have forgotten about, or if I am not giving her something she needs in her diet? She gets 3 pumps (.36 fl oz) of Grizzly Salmon Oil each day. She does not have any thin areas or hot spots, just a lot of hair coming out. Opinions?????
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