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Default My Habitat Journey

Ok, thought I would post another thread about whats been going on since its been a few months and there has been some interest.

Well....not much has really changed since last time I posted, lol.

For those who do not know. In March '13 my family got approved to partner with our local Habitat for humanity to become homeowners and build our own house. It has been a wonderful journey. It started with having to take homeowners classes, which I actually LOVED. I got to put a hole in a wall with a hammer and then learned how to fix it. We learned so much in the classes, from budgeting to simple home repair to save money.

Since we are a married couple, we have 500 hours of community service we have to do, or "sweat equity" as they call it. We get that by working at their restore (100 % of profit goes right back building homes, the store pays to help build two, sometimes three houses a year). We also have to do construction hours. We help build other families homes and also work on "rehabs". Currently I have been helping fix up an older ladies house that is basically falling down. It a "rehab" house, and it's been hard, but worth it. This wonderful lady know has a house that is safe for her to live in and is fixed to her needs so she doesn't have to move out.

We had a hiccup earlier this year, my husband and I separated and currently we still aren't living together. However we have been going to marriage therapy and things have been going VERY well. Once we have the house built and bought we will be moving back in together. The people at Habitat have been very supportive and there for us when we have needed them.

Since we had the hiccup, they did put some things on hold until we knew if we were staying together or not (understandable) so we actually lost out on the chance on a lot in the subdivision the are building. This may not be a bad thing though and I think it may have been meant to be. They have had a house given to them by a bank. They had to tear it down to the foundation because of termites and treat it and all that stuff, but its now ready to be built on and they are going to consider us for that location.


I got a peak of the layout they are going to do and its going to be a very cute house and the lot is a bit bigger than the ones in the sub. Plus the neighbors are five feet next to us like in the sub. As it stands, we are just waiting to hear something from them.

So, all in all, no house started for us yet, but they keep telling me that it will be any time now.

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