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Pano - Food Advice?

I have a 9-month-old female GSD named Bonnie. We've been back and forth to the vet a few times over the last month because Bonnie seemed to be having some pain in her legs (first her back legs, now one of her front legs). She started really limping over the weekend and was really uncomfortable, so we went back to the vet today. We had x-rays done, which confirmed it was panosteitis (the vet was really thrilled she could see it on the x-ray, I guess that isn't always the case).

She was prescribed some anti-inflammatories and we're supposed to see how those go. I've been online doing some reading, and it sounds like it might be worth a try to change her food to a lower protein and lower fat food. She's currently on Merrick grain-free beef and sweet potato, which does seem to have a higher protein.

Here is my problem -- she has a very sensitive stomach and we had terrible issues getting her to eat as a puppy, because she flat-out refused to eat any poultry- or fish-based food (it took some trial and error over the course of several weeks to figure that out). She's actually a smaller shepherd and has always been a slow grower -- she's 52 pounds now at 9 months. She's very lean already -- we have to watch how much we feed her, because if she gets too much food, she gets awful runny stools, so cutting down her food amount isn't an option.

Does anyone have any suggestion for a good quality lower protein/fat dry food that is beef, lamb, or pork based? I've been looking at dog food sites (and reading threads here) all day and my head is spinning. We had such a hard time finding something that would suit her initially.

Any other pano advice is also most welcome. I hate seeing her in pain. She just got her CGC certificate and we were hoping to do some more training classes, but that might have to wait a bit.
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