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Territorial Aggression - Need advice

My husband and I have an almost 2 year old shepherd named Bear and he stays at home while we are away at work all day.
Everyday during the week we have either my mom, my dad or his mom come around 12pm to let him outside to pee and play for a little bit. Bear has met my husbandís parents and my parents many times and has interacted with them many times, but whenever they come to our house to let him out, he still barks and growls at them. I know heís being territorial, but I donít understand why he is still doing this when he already knows our parents and should be familiar with them. Luckily he has not bitten any of them, but his growling is enough to make them worried/cautious.

Has anyone experienced something similar to this or does anyone know how we can help fix this problem?

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