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Can't Find a Food that Works

Hi there, super new I'm from another dog forum and I've been having constant problems with my girl not being able to tolerate any food I give her. They recommended I at least try and ask if any of you have any suggestions.

She's a 9month old GSD Border Collie mix.

Foods she's tried:

In the beginning I had her on (this will be painful because I can't remember the food names, but when I go home at lunch I'll let you know) a chicken based high protein puppy food for large developing puppies.
She had constant soft stools and it progressed to full blown diarrhea and her first bout of colitis.

I tried a 3 fish based food that was grain free, and for all life stages, this took her from bad to worse.

We got the safe-food of Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Moderate to Low Calorie. But it's $90 per 20 pound bag, and is really not super healthy for the price tag. This has been the only food I can use and often switch back to it to settle her before trying a new bag.

My vet recently prescribed me diarrhea meds to help me while I find a new food, I have about 6-10 left.

She was tried on Precise Lamb meal (can't remember if it's grain free or not) seniors diet. This worked well for the entire first bag. Her stool was semi-soft, but seemed to be in good condition. Until I moved to the same brand, but the second bag. She had diarrhea, and problems and is now back on her Royal Canin.

For the last 30 days she's been on a Flora Plus+ probiotic supplement, just for general health as she happens to be constantly on the edge of sickliness (mange, colitis, etc.).


It seems to be that the lower calorie, less rich protein foods work better for her.
Except I don't know what to try next. It's not like any pet food place lets you return a food after you use it for a few weeks trying to transition.
I have a Pet Valu in my town, and a nutritionist who sells food solely based out of Saskatchewan, or foods that haven't been outsourced. He's where I've been going, but given none of his foods seem to be sticking.

So any suggestions? At all...
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