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What are you looking forward to about fall/winter?

I love summer, and was happy it came and was beautiful beach weather, but now I am ready for it to cool down and be fall and winter!

I am looking forward my birthday coming up and all the holidays that go along with the seasons. Literally my favorite time of year! I am a Christmas freak. I love decorating and all the movie countdowns and just the spirit of it all. This will be the first Christmas without my Grandpa, whom I was very close with, so that will be a little difficult, but I know he would want me to celebrate with his memory.

I am looking forward to the cooler weather and being able to take Titan out for a run/walk at noon without fear of the heat! He is totally looking forward to that too.. he LOVES the cold.

Tourist are gone!!!!!! Woooo.... we are tourist central here and now that summer is coming to an end, they are leaving. I hate to sound so excited but until you've lived in tourist central you will probably never understand. Traffic, terrible drivers (by virtue of not knowing the area), grocery stores packed, grocery stores out of common items, etc.

Bugs are going to be hybernating or doing whatever bugs do when it gets cold! Yay!

I am also looking forward to my cruise!!! It's coming up in a monthish, and I have been waiting so patiently! Cannot wait for that.

The one and only thing (that I can think of) I am not super excited about is the amount of time it will take to tucker Titan out.. he thrives in the cold and while now, a 15 minutes play/fetch session will knock him out, this will turn into a much longer timeframe.

What about you guys?


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