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Puppy is limping... :(

Hello all,
We're taking our pup, Abbey, to the vet tomorrow of course, but I was wondering if anyone has any input on this, or suggestions as to what we can do to make her comfortable...

Abbey has been limping since Saturday (wasn't very noticeable on Saturday, but she seemed to be favoring one side, when walking). She's still playing, eating, drinking water, seems happy...

Then last night, she was limping more, but now she's also crying when she tries to go up and down stairs (which now, we're carrying her up and down); and when she's laying down and gets up, she cries out in pain.

We've figured out it's her front, right leg/shoulder that's bothering her. We've thoroughly examined her paw, which is fine, and have checked her leg and shoulder, for swelling, tender spots, etc. She doesn't react at all when we touch her anywhere, and there's no swelling. Again, she only cries on the stairs, and getting up, and stretching.

I'm thinking it could be a pulled muscle? I'm just trying to stay calm until we take her in tomorrow; and I'm really hoping that's all it is. We've made her rest all day today; which she doesn't seem to mind, because the pain is getting to her. We've also been putting an ice pack on her leg and shoulder, which she seems to enjoy.

She was playing, A LOT, with her "cousin" all weekend (my sister's GSD)... and she plays rough - gets what I call "the zoomies" and runs with lightning speed, all over the place, and sometimes she runs into things, or slides across the kitchen floor, into the cabinets... I just don't know... pulled muscle? Injury?
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