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Mistakes or right thing?

I felt like I made many mistakes today. Lobo's owner is out brought him to my place. She's out right now 9/1/14. Already looking after a GS/husky mix (Bailey) who is a 1-year-old, wild pup. Also have Riley my lovely companion. For a lot of the time Bailey and Lobo we're getting along fine, drinking water together, playing, kissing, sleeping together. although there were a few fights. 1st was playing wrestling with Bailey, as Lobo walked over I don't know who started it but a fight came on. Trying to get all dogs to play. Luckily I separated them put Lobo in my room had him stay there for a minute. 2nd fight, a stick happened to be in the garage Lobo brought it out Bailey grabbed the stick Lobo and I followed her to the table. I was going to get the stick to put it away. As Lobo was present, Bailey growled and attacked then a fight but broke it immediately before anything happened. Then nap time since there wasn't much to do, Bailey got on the bed and then Lobo. Could see some whale eyes in Lobo's when annoyed from Baileys barking out of jealousy. Bailey would come over then Lobo seemed to have enough lunged at Bailey. Bailey didn't seem to know that Lobo was lunging at her. I pulled Lobo back and pushed Bailey off the bed. Then all 3 dogs laid down on by the bed. Think some of these problems were out of jealousy and possession. Got up kept Lobo in my room brought Bailey home, texted Lobo's owner what happened briefly.

I'm happy to take critism, my mistakes won't have Lobo over here around other dogs again. Things have changed I chose to cut down more on Lobo, that obsession made me realize my mistakes.
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