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Alpha Dog!

Alpha Humans - What does it mean to be dominant?.

There's the information on alpha dogs, I'll get unanswered questions explained. Alpha dogs need strong leaders, many end up with people whom themselves are stronger than owners in the mind. Fortunately alpha dogs are beneficial to weaker minds making, thus helps minds become stronger unless people don't realize that. Some alpha dogs are lucky enough to find strong people and no problems occur. Although, I observed this in life myself. Myself, yes am a very strong person, look everyday constantly to get stronger, mature, and change. Even my mistakes causes weakness, even regret. On the bright side mistakes can make you stronger if truly honest. At times strong people lack confidence at times, doing so perhaps causes alpha dogs to dominate. However, I've seen similar cases with dogs as alpha dogs lack confidence having the lower level pack members come on top. Can even the most confident strong minded dogs and people lose confidence? I'm considering doing a speech on dogs or alpha dogs for a college speech class. Still unsure about my topics, although nothing personal I think is allowed.

Thanks for help!

PS I'm open to help clarify if any are confused.
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