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Loneforce, I use chokes as well. I like them.

I tried to raise a pup after his owner shot the mother. We were told he was a German Shepherd. By the time he was 7 weeks old his paws were as big as my hands. At 6 months old he started killing things and he was as big as Sabi. By 15 months old he towered over the other dogs and weighed 117 lbs. He snapped his leash and attacked a man walking down the street. Fortunately it was cold and the man was bundled up. Two days later he yanked the leash out of my husbands hand late at night and killed a small dog. I had him put down a few days later. His name was Bear. I loved him, he was a momma's boy, but I had visions of him getting shot, me getting sued, or him grabbing a child. I still have his picture on the wall. I cried all the way home from the vets. I never talk about him because I feel guilty. And I feel worse because I was relieved he was gone. He had turned on my husband a few times and I was getting a bit afraid of him, and a bit worried about my ability to stop him. Three different trainers refused to work with him, one flat out offered to shoot him for me.
And now you all know my little secret, I did give up on a dog once.
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