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For over 30 years I have used Choke chains on my dogs. "never had any problems either" I liked the look and control I have with them. I have had red ones, blue ones, triple chrome plated ones, purple and pink ones for the girls. I cringe every time the words choke chain come up on here. I have seen people "not directly" Flat out call me a bad dog owner and should not have a dog. It really hurts when I read that, because I have always loved every dog I have ever had. When Taz died I cried for 2 days solid, and I am a guy unlike the other 95% on here. I have always been ashamed of telling people that I cried. The same thing when Ginger went. I got so sick on the way home from having her put to sleep. I threw up several times. I love my dogs very much and really do not need people telling me I am a bad owner, because I use a choke chain on them. I watch them like a hawk when any collar is on them, or even if there is no collar. I make sure they are ok daily. I inspect them to make sure they have no bugs or anything like that. I let them play and excersize, and always make sure they have something to eat. I study and make sure I am feeding them healthy foods, and make sure they stay out of trouble. I protect them with my life, and always make sure they have all their shots and get vet checked. Heck my dogs are healthier then I am. LOL Anyways this is something I normally would not tell people, and really did not want to tell it this time either. It has been building up though....
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