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OMG. What do we do now?

Hi members,

I am really concerned for the future of our GSD Wolfie.

We adopted him at 10 weeks old, gave him a loving home and had a professional trainer work with him on basic commands. He walks perfect on leash and shows no aggression towards animals or people during walks.

At 6 months old we noticed a high prey drive when he caught and devoured a squirrel. He also started to show increased aggression at the front door when somebody knocks.

He is now 9 months old and 75 pounds. I am able to heel him by leash for visitors at the front door, then he eventually stops barking, sniffs the visitor and calms down.

Now, the problem. The other day my girls were playing on the front lawn when a neighborhood teen went skateboarding by. I opened the door to speak with the girls and Wolfie ran out of the door and charged the teen across the street. The kid was able to jump over a fence to protect himself while the dog had his paws on the fence top growling and barking at the teen. When I grabbed his collar to stop the attack, he actually tried to bite my hand. God knows what would have happened if there was no fence there.

What do I do now? I appreciate a dog that wants to protect his family but doing it on public property is pushing it. I know he meant well but is it worth getting sued, losing my home insurance or having the dog put down by the courts?

BTW, I have owned a GSD previously and not experienced this behavior.
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