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Tell us something you normally wouldn't

Tell us something you normally wouldn't.

Here's my story. It's been over a year since this happened and trust me I don't ever let my pups out unsupervised anymore...ever Ever EVER...Now they simply have free roam of the house...

Anyway, a day or two after we moved into our new home, we went to do some grocery shopping. We left the dogs to roam free in our yard. Inside it was too messy and they didn't have free roam of the house yet. The fencing in our yard is wooden and about 7 feet high. I have no idea why we didn't crate them...

When we returned our neighbor came over. Said his utility guy saw Zeeva jump the fence out of our yard and jump back into our yard. Also said (he was gone so doesn't exactly know what happened) there was a missing wood panel on our side of the fence that our neighbor had hopped over into our yard and replaced.

Here's the worst part :C one of our pups killed one of his less than 10 pound dogs (he had 3). Either Smokey got through the missing panel area, or Zeeva hopped over; we don't know. That pup went to the vet and had to be PTS after some treatment didn't help.

My neighbor wasn't angry. He was concerned. He was kind. All he said was 'I'm going to do whatever it takes to protect us if need be' which we told him is understandable. We talk to him if we see him around now. We are very lucky...

My neighbors dogs are outside 24/7. I can see them through the spacing between the panels. He has a chihuahua (less then 5lbs; honestly it's smaller than my smallest cat) and some kind of mayyybe(?) beagle mix (that is probably around 10lbs). Zeeva fence fights with the beagle mix. They still antagonize each other by scratching at the panels...

I've learned from this experience of course. It still haunts me that one of my dogs has such a capacity although what happened no one knows...

So that's my ghastly story...

Are you brave enough for this thread?
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