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Tail hot spot, having a hard time with this one. Anyone had injured tail?

Hi everyone.

My boy Zeus has a gorgeous coat, beautiful skin and all in Florida heat. In the spring when he was loosing his winter coat he ended up with 6 or 7 minor hot spots all down his spine. It was time for his vet visit anyway so we took him in. He was sent home with some gent spray and his spots were healed within two days and no hair clipping was needed.

This is his current diet and recommendations vet has made since that visit. Zeus has been doing amazing with this diet.

TOTW Salmon

Flax seed capsules (vet told us to switch to human flax seed instead of salmon as he does not believe the pet salmon oil is regulated too well)

Vitamin C - to lower blood histamine levels (dogs make their own vitamin C but adding extra has this effect)

Coconut oil

Zyrtec for a few days as needed

Anyways all summer since April he has been doing amazing and everyone asks us what in the world we feed to make his coat so beautiful.

Recently about two weeks ago i saw him chewing on his tail, not the back end, but towards the tip of his tail. I started looking at it and he had bleeding spots, dry blood, scabs. I have been washing his tail with medicated shampoo as well as have applied gent spray, but it just keeps getting re injured as soon as it gets better...

His HW med is Sentinel, and I have not used any additional flea medication on him this year. I checked him inch by inch everywhere, back of the tail, armpits, belly, and there is no fleas, no bites, no flea dust, he really has clean healthy skin. The only problem we are having is AWFUL mosquitoes! They are so bad that we had to inform the town.

Could mosquitoes be the problem??? is the tail fur too long for them to bite? i just have no idea why all the suddenly, why the tail...

Anyone els had a dog chewing tail raw and what did you do to help it?

P.S. is is currently wearing a cone and he is a sad panda.

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