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Dexter! My boy is 7 months & he's been a joy to me & my family. I see a lot of threads on biting & aggression issues none that I have but ONE! He paws! It hurts a lot & his nails are SHARP! I've had them clipped already but it made little difference. I've got three kids 4,5 & 10. I have to always give extra attention to the little ones with him because of his pawing. He has learned to be gentle with them but he doesn't know how sharp his nails are. He's scratched everyone's faces including mine. He will all of a sudden just slap me with his paw. It's not even hard just a small slap but his nails cut. He almost seems to think he can use his paws like we use our hands. Honestly we went through the shark phase but this paw thing seems more annoying. Any ideas?
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