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German shepherd defeats a Jaguar to protect night watchman at zoo

This is probably 1 of the most amazing stories about German shepherds i ever heard and wanted to share. It was a situation where a night watchman in a zoo was doing a nightly walk through with his female German shepherd and he then noticed the dog alert, it then was to be discovered a jaguar escaped it's cage; "jaguars are the 3rd biggest and most powerful cat next to the lion and tiger and go 200-300lbs".. without hesitation, the German shepherd in defense of the night guard charged and went at the jaguar and a viscous brawl broke out. They battled throughout the zoo and the night guard called for back up, when all was said and done, both were injured very bad, the jaguar had to be put down as it was still showing signs of aggression, and the dog needed emergency medical care... when all was said and done, after months of rehab, the GSD survived and actually went back to being a guard dog at that same zoo.

The zoo then put a statue of the GSD; Gabi was her name as a tribute to her heart, courage, and strength to take on such a dangerous adversary in defense of the night watchman.

This story just serves as a reminder of why the German shepherd is in a class of it's own as a guardian and companion in 1. Protection is "natural" to them as they were bred to guard sheep from predators along with herding them, so they look at their human companions as their "flock" and will protect them at all cost. I think all the more that's why we as humans need to respect that and also give them all the love and care they deserve and also repay them with the same protectiveness and love they give us. On that note, i don't think the dog should have went back to being a guard dog and they should have respectfully retired her after going through something like that in my opinion.

Here is a link to that story, hope you all enjoyed
Gabi (dog) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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