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Limited registration vs. full registration

Hi all,
I just found what I believe to be the perfect puppy. She comes from a reputable breeder and is absolutely adorable. I picked her out of the litter, she's only 5 weeks old so I still have some time before I can pick her up. The breeder informed me that the pup is chose is one out of the litter that can be sold with full registration, instead of just limited. I'm wondering what are the benefits to having full registration if I have no intention of breeding? Full registration costs more for the same dog. While I have no intention of breeding, I still would like to attempt to title her, be involved in a dog sport (undecided which one at the moment, but leading towards agility), take obedience classes together and possible enter dog shows. I know I'm a bit all over the place with my intentions for this dog, but I guess it could be summed up as I would just like to start to get involved in the "dog world" for the first time and see which aspect of it is best suited for us. Getting a little taste of everything before making a decision I guess you could say. Would having full registration instead of limited help with what I intend to do? Thanks for your time.
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