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Questions About Nupro & Bug Off

I am currently looking at some different supplement options for Lena, and Nupro seems great all-around supplement from what I've read and heard from people, but is it a good fit for with a raw diet? Is there something essential that I would need to augment Nupro with? (I'm thinking grizzly oil or the like, maybe?)

Any other suggestions for an all-around base supplement are more than welcome!

Lena is currently getting jarred garlic every day(flea prevention), but she is not a fan. I'm hoping that the Bug Off granules will go over better or at least be easier to disguise. For those of you who feed raw, how would you get this into the meal? Just sprinkle it on top? (I'm very open to ideas!)

I do have one slight concern about Nupro; garlic is listed as one of the ingredients, and I'm wondering there is enough in there that I would need to adjust the amount of Bug Off accordingly, or is Nupro's garlic content negligible enough not to worry about it?

Thank you!

- Kayla

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