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Skywalkers mom, you have the right to your opinion, but I'm not sure if you meant it in this way, but your tone is harsh. I have been around in more than one forum for years. No matter the diet pet owners decide to feed, as long as that animal is healthy isn't any business of ours. To call someone "sheep" is harsh, you don't know why someone decides to feed the diet they do to their animals. I know at least two people who feed raw because they had no choice, every type of kibble they tried almost killed their dog. Raw was the only option for them and it works for their dogs.

Also, I didn't say "hey, I want to feed this food, its grain-free!". I was puzzled on when Purina started to make a grain-free line and what people's opinions were on it. Because I never thought Purina of all people would start to make a grain-free line. I have been on here and other animal forums for many years now, so this isn't my first forum, nor my first discussion on dog food.

This is a simple discussion on the new line from Purina, so please stick to the discussion please?

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