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Question Poor appetite, otherwise happy

Rudy is 17 months and about 90#. The past 4-5 days, we've noticed his appetite dropping off, by which I mean that he is usually fed 2x/ day, 4 c. total, along with some fruits or veggies and yogurt, and generally wolfs it down. He has eaten poorly in the last 4 days. He has been skipping eating his a.m. feed and the last two days skipped both meals except for a few mouthfuls. No change in food (TOTW) or supplements, slight decrease in exercise due to the heat. seems happy and healthy otherwise except for eating grass occasionally and getting winded rather quickly ( which I thought was from the heat). Gums aren't pale, no vomiting/diarrhea, very engaged and alert. Drinking water fine, poop normal, just less. Belly nice and soft. Showing his usual last 3 ribs. Honestly looks great, that's why I'm confused.
Does the appetite drop off at this age? Seemed like a combination of factors to me, and not worrisome but today he really didn't eat but maybe a cupful. So, appealing to all of your shared wisdom. Is there something I need to be considering? Or do they normally was and wane? Maybe I should be feeding him only once a day? He never gets table food. Any thoughts/advice would be helpful.

Rudy 2/1/13

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