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I don't know about it as dog food, but the amount of mercury in tuna requires that women and children should not eat it more than once or twice a week I think is what is recommended. I would be concerned with that being the main ingredient in a dog's life sustenance.

I don't know why pea starch, cassova root flour, and pea protein is so much better than rice.

I have considered purina several times. Lots of people use it as their go to. But, I look at the ingredients and then the price tag, and somehow, it always seems like you are paying more for the purina name than for what is in the bag. I mean, it seems like you can get better ingredients for the same or less in price than anything purina. They have to pay for the advertising, I guess.

Last I heard, their plants are only producing the pro-plan and above foods, the rest they are outsourcing for the actual manufacture.

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